The Old Designer

The Old Designer

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Because Age is Just a Number


Working on the web since 1999 creating accessible and focussed designs for clients large and small "The Old Designer" is also a mouthpiece for my belief that age in tech and design (as in a lot of things) should not be a barrier.

Older than most, wiser than some, but still passionate about my designs and the ever evolving technology behind them. I produce high quality web sites for a range of clients focussing on ease of use, good typography, and responsive designs.

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Recent Design and Coding Projects

Helen J Perry

"Helen J Perry"

A somewhat unusual job, showcasing romantic gay fiction author Helen J Perry and her work

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RKP Maintenance

"RKP Maintenance"

Offering property maintenance and refurbishment in London the site features a lot of information on RKP and its services.

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