The Old Designer

The Old Designer

Turning Back the Pages
Because Age is Just a Number


Working on the web since 1999 creating accessible and focussed designs for clients large and small "The Old Designer" is also a mouthpiece for my belief that age in tech and design (as in a lot of things) should not be a barrier.

Older than most, wiser than some, but still passionate about my designs and the ever evolving technology behind them. I produce high quality web sites for a range of clients focussing on ease of use, good typography, and responsive designs.

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Recent Design and Coding Projects

Next Gen Training

"Next Gen Training"

Training for the fitness industry, powered by Perch CMS with its easy to manage admin interface makes client updating easy.

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Huddersfield Sports Massage

"Huddersfield Sports Massage"

A professional sport massage and therapy clinic in Huddersfield contracted me to make this, and I chose Perch CMS to power it.

Visit Huddersfield Sports Massage

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