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Join me in my excursions round the world wide web thingy looking at Apple tech, reviewing software and hardware and sometimes just rambling on, but always from an older viewpoint.

My Workflow Thoughts

It's Sunday morning and I am writing this on my iPad pro sitting on a train heading into London for a meeting with a client, so I thought this week I would write a little about how the iPad pro has changed the way I work, its pleasures and frustrations in day to day use as a developer/designer.


The Thing about Things


It’s been a week in a section of the the tech world with the release of Things 3 a task management app some four years in the updating. No, this is not just another review, there are enough of them on the inteweb already, this is just a quick reflection on how easy it is to be seduced by design and hype on the web these days.


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