An experiment in time

Yes, before you say it I know I probably should do this anyway but unless specifically billing by the hour I like many am just to stuck in my ways to bother.

However, afer finding out about an app that works natively on iOS without a web service, syncs using iCloud and has good reporting features I plan to give it a go, so let me introduce you to Timelogger a really nice looking fully featured app.

I had previously tried very detailed time logging in “Toggle” but the lack of a native iOS app made actually recording what I was doing something I just failed to do more often than I remembered to record it, I simply ended up “guestimating” at the end of the day or at some point where I just remembered either I had not turned the running timer off or even rmemebered to start it in the first place. I even tried automating it with a couple of Workflows on iOS but the habit never stuck or never formed I am not sure which.

Timelogger can be run in Split View on iOS11, multiple timers can be running at the same time, results can be analysed and exported to PDF if you need to account to anyone, and it does look really good, which is also of course a bonus.

One area I think I may have gone wrong last time I tried this was being too detailed in what I tried to log, so this time I have been more general, preferring to log “admin” as one area, “reading and research” another and “support” another as well of course individual client projects, although what I do in each (at least at first) I don’t believe is that important. Once I have developed the tracking habit I may try and break these down a bit, but let’s get a theme going first.

I will report back on progress, meanwhile let’s see if this makes me more productive and less wasteful with my time.