IPad Coding a babtism of fire

To be honest the first couple of iPad first weeks were spent on tasks I knew I could do on an iPad, largely because many of them I had been doing before, blogging, accounting, social media work for clients etc. I simply put off the most important part of my job, actually making websites, why did I do this, well, I had worked it out in theory, had a remote login set up which did not work well as I was in all honest scared that I had made a major error here. So after procrastinating for as long as I could I was faced with the inevitable, I had to deal with it.

First task, fix the remote login, which while I had set up a while ago I had never really paid too much attention to, and after some research I worked out that I just needed to ensure I used a local connection to keep the connection speed at a sensibe level. That done it was on to the actual coding. Now a lot of text/code editors exist for iPad, for quite a while I had used (and still do) the rather good Textastic, however for site dev where I needed to send changed SASS files to my site on the mac for compiling, and my CMS files for local development using MAMP this would not cut it. Enter the excellent Coda by Panic which allowed me to maintain a local connection to my Mac, now running without a monitor, upload changes, have them compiled, and then checked in the Mamp iOS App. So far using this I am 60% through my first website created nearly entirely on the iPad. Testing and checking is done using Inspect which allows me to debug almost as well as working natively. 

So, thats it no great revelations, no magic formula just some quality tools and a little research. On thing that has become obvious moving to iPad first is that some lateral thinking is needed. Macs have probably made me lazy, the iPad has forced me to think and build workflows that work for me, not just use other peoples solutions. It is frustrating sometimes yes, slower sometimes but I am expecting iOS11 to fix most of these issues.