My first 2 weeks on mostly an iPad
If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would have to be "My hand hurts, and specifically my finger tips"

If I had to sum it up in one sentence it would have to be "My hand hurts, and specifically my finger tips" Of course there is a bit more to it than that but I definitely need to do some wrist and finger strengthening exercise, all that prodding the screen has taken a bit of a toll. 

Anyway on too what I am sure interest you more than my aches and pains. The initial feeling would have to be that some, maybe most tasks are easier, but those that aren't are a real pain, and I guess the simplest way to demonstrate this is to go through a typical days work.

Like most I start the day by checking my e-mail, although like many I do not drown in mail. For quite a while I have used Airmail as my mail app of choice on both Mac and IOS  but recently it seems to have developed a tendency to crash a bit so I am I am running a trial using Boxer. For a while I have much preferred dealing with mail on the iPad, and the ability to do this on a couch, on a train, virtually anywhere, and the focus of using just one app at a time on the iPad is perfect for e-mail. If I need to attachments can easily be saved to Evernote or Dropbox or Google Drive for later processing.

Mail checking over its on to my task manager of choice ToDoist, to get on with the days work. ToDoist works across all platforms with ease, the iOS experience really is no different than the Mac, and the open nature of ToDoist means that I can integrate it and automate it with other systems to feed form results, certain e-mails, reading lists, and social media bits that need attention.

My daily tasks most often consist of coding work (more on that next time), social media work for clients, and image manipulation, so let's deal with these in turn.

For Social media we now use a combination of Buffer, Linky and Twitterrific. initially we went for a paid subscription for Buffer to replace Hootsuite, who it seems does not give its mobile apps much love, and it was too akward to use, especially when having to post pictures. Buffer on the other hand has an excellent iPad app, and if it was not for the fact we can get away without scheduling it would be our go to app. However the excellent Linky has all of Buffers posting nous without the scheduling and is very easy to use. it now handles both our twitter and Facebook work for clients. So after some adjustment I would say that over the Mac system we used before, this is probably just as good.

Now the image manipulation bit, on the Mac I used Affinity Photo and for quick resizes and watermarking, Acorn. On the iPad I have gone for Affinity Photo, a first rate app I am still getting my head around. The first stumbling block is iOS's inability to move around multiple files, each image has to be sent from e-mail individually to Affinity, opened resized and cropped and then watermarked. What I could do on a Mac in very short order is taken a lot longer, I am sure I will speed up and new iOS due out will solve some of the file handling issues, this is one thing I may prefer to do by going into the Mac.

As I said I will handle coding next time, but before I sign off on this post one thing has proved a surprising niggle that I was not expecting. Certain websites just will not let you have a desktop experience, I am looking at you Typeform, Facebook, and iCloud. I have had to download an alternative browser (iCabMobile) to try and deal with this. For example trying to drag and drop within a browser is near impossible and often has no keyboard equivalent. This is something Apple in particular needs to address urgently.