My Home Screens

My iPad Pro 12.9 is pretty much my main device now, apart from compiling code nearly everything is done on the iPad and organising it has been a bit of a journey.

I have tried different combinations of screens and folders but at the moment am quite happy with the current setup. I keep my most used apps in the dock, but also folders of apps grouped together by category. This is an idea taken from David Sparks, and it seems to make a lot of sense. It gives me instant access to nearly all my apps while keeping the home screen clear, pretty much like a Mac.

I am very impressed with Apples files app, I moved everything from Dropbox to iCloud recently without any issues, and this app now serves as my window into all my files. For mail I use Airmail, I have tried others but the advanced automation possible with airmail keeps bringing me back to it. Next is Safari, the obvious go to for web browsing, I keep iCab mobile for when I need to emulate a full browser but Safari just works.

OmniFocus, it runs my business and my life, it tells me what to do and when to do it, I have tried others but again always come back to OF. A true professional app, and one, like Affinity Photo has made the iPad into a true productivity powerhouse. Fantastical, of course handles my appointments, I use Google for mail and calendars, and while I do not have that many face to face meetings I block out time for key projects and routine tasks every day, its natural language parsing is just the best. 

DEVONthink, I love this, the mac app is not the prettiest but the iOS app stores my PDF archives, web site bookmarks, my accounts receipts and any other documents I need to keep. again a professional grade app and a steal at the price. Drafts has made a recent return, most text now starts here, it ends up somewhere else but it starts here. Once I got into the habit of using it for every note or reminder I need to write downer dictate it allowed me to remove a lot of things from the dock I would otherwise need.

Affinity Photo is my photo editor of choice, a fantastic achievement making a desktop grade graphics editor for iOS and like many I have ditched my previously beloved Photoshop for Affinity.

My Folders are set up loosely and labelled Development (although I keep productivity and automation apps in here as well like Workflow), Consume, which holds social media, reading, listening etc. Audio and Graphics, my video editor, pictures, camera etc. Words and Numbers, stores Ulysses, which I am using to write this, Pages Google sheets etc plus apps like Terminology and Clean text. Lastly a “Communication” folder, chat apps, skype, MailChimp and the like. I also store Twitterrific here which we use solely for tweeting from clients accounts.

On the right of the dock, Copied and Gladys, Copied holds all my boilerplate text, and things I need to reuse. Gladys the excellent shelf app is used everyday to collect things I need to move elsewhere.

The phone uses a similar system, I am still on an iPhone SE, it works, and until Apple comes up with something I really feel is worth the upgrade why bother?

This time the folders are along the top, and labelled slightly differently. Obviously the communication folder is a more important on the phone so it is in a prominent easy to access place. The next row are the things I need regularly, the third row, has the fabulous Carrot weather app, not that it is particularly useful in Cyprus but the snarky comments are worth it alone. I listen to podcasts on the phone and Overcast is just the best in my opinion. Google translate sits on this row as well, living in a country where Greek is the national language it proves invaluable, even though everybody speaks English I do believe that learning Greek is both courteous as well as fun.

The last row contains the files app, airmail and Workflow which I use every day for a lot of disparate things. “Launch” has recently been added, it allows me to access a lot of apps, easily opening them often at the state I need them in. I also use the lock screen widget a lot to make Skype calls to clients in the UK.

The phone dock like the iPad has the most used apps, basically for the reasons quoted above.

I hope that was at least interesting, nothing new or radical, but it works for me. Oh the iPad wallpaper is from Unsplash, the Phone wallpaper from a Google search.