Technical SEO Journeys

The reason for this sudden interest was a request from a client with six sites all competing for similar markets to "please do something". 

Firstly, after several discussions with the client we decided to, instead of having all the sites compete against each other, we would target each one at a slightly different market niche, and while there would of course be some crossover this strategy allowed the sites to compete for rankings in slightly different areas and so not so much against each other.

In the past I have used the excellent Link assist tool "Website auditor" which gives a percentage score of the any page crawled and proceeds to give recommendations, I like this tool and decided to update and restart my subscription. I also decided to look at what else was out there, a lot of twitter chatter seems to recommend "Screaming Frog" a very fast but not so pretty web crawler so I dutifully downloaded a free copy and proceeded to investigate. Let me say first, it is not an intuitive app, very fast and a lot of information collected but it requires digging about in many different tabs to build a picture of what you needs fixing or improving. I would I guess equate it to DEVONThink on a Mac, you have to look past the interface and only then revel in its power.

I also heard a fair bit about a relatively new addition called "Sitebulb" so again I decided to have a play using their fourteen day free trial. I like this app, it produces excellent information presented in an intuitive way in a modern interface. Best of all it produces excellent reports and is sensibly priced for someone who does not major on SEO as a business. Additionally the friendly onboarding emails and documentation have been a big help in learning new features.

The take away is that all three programmes have picked up the key points, and each has identified certain things the others missed, a combination of all three would seem to me to be an ideal combination and does not break the bank in terms of subscription costs (I have the pro Website auditor package, I downgraded from enterprise because of the ongoing costs I just could not justify).

I guess I am now in the technical SEO business, well at least sometimes and I am sure only in a basic way, but it's a start and the client is already seeing positive results, which of course was and is the whole point.