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Yes I have them and I am luck enough to have this space to post them. Opinions on tech and how it relates to old people, apps, phones computers and tablets. Oh, and perhaps other things when I am in the mood.

Apple iCloud Woes

WRITTEN March 25, 2019

You can call me a "fan boy" I guess having been an Apple use for well over 12 years, although the term "boy" is pretty relative in my case, being a "fan" does not mean I am not completely stupid in my devotion and praise when it comes to some of Apple's services.

Apple All the way

WRITTEN July 27, 2018

Like most people I am an easy sell when it comes to new apps, particularly if I am told the latest shiny offering will increase my productivity, however over the last month or so I have been ditching apps which duplicate or build on Apples own offerings and experimenting where possible with running just the stock apps that Apple provides.

New MacBook Pro

WRITTEN June 29, 2018

I finally caved in and bought a MacBook Pro, neccesity? Well I have convinced myself yes, so here is my personal feeelings on a few days on a laptop after nearly a year on an "iPad first" system.

Spotify and Spotty Service

WRITTEN January 03, 2018

So this is a bit of rant, lets get this out of the way but it does sort of highlight the difference between Apple Music and Spotify the two largest players is music streaming.

Task Management moves

WRITTEN November 15, 2017

I wanted this time to post a little reviewing my previous post (inception anyone?) about task management, I have moved on again, I back on Omnifocus and completely reorganised so join me on the latest part of my task management journey.

IPad Coding a babtism of fire

WRITTEN August 27, 2017

Ah now it gets interesting! This more than anything else was the worry and it is what pays the bills, even though its less than 50% of what I do everyday (I probably need to look into that) and it is this aspect of my work I have planned for then avoided facing.

My first 2 weeks on mostly an iPad

WRITTEN August 13, 2017

As I wrote last time we have moved most of our day to day work to two iPad Pros, connecting into a Mac Mini when we need to compile code and a few other jobs, so I thought I would report back on how it has been.

iPad first (nearly)

WRITTEN July 24, 2017

My lovely partner and I are off on our travels and we have had to rethink nearly everything we do on computers to make sure we stay as efficient and as flexible as possible.

The Thing about Things

WRITTEN May 23, 2017

It’s been a week in a section of the the tech world with the release of Things 3 a task management app some four years in the updating. No, this is not just another review, there are enough of them on the inteweb already, this is just a quick reflection on how easy it is to be seduced by design and hype on the web these days.

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