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Reports on apps (software) and hardware that I get to use day to day or just out of curiosity and that can be a lot, all from the perspective of an older user. If you would like a particular review please let me know.

Agenda App as a CRM

WRITTEN September 06, 2018

I have been playing with Agenda App for the last couple of week, and yes I did ask myself if I really need another note app before you ask.

A few weeks with Omnifocus 3

WRITTEN May 07, 2018

So, after a few weeks with the OmniFocus 3 TestFlight Beta and its powerful new tagging system I thought a post detailing my experiences might be of interest, so without further ado.. 

Technical SEO Journeys

WRITTEN April 05, 2018

These last few weeks I have been trying to up my technical SEO chops, something I have neglected for quite a while and something I have discovered I actually enjoy doing.

My Home Screens

WRITTEN March 07, 2018

This week I thoughtI would take a leaf out of others book and post about my home screens. There have been a rash of posts recently with some very inventive ideas from using emoji to name folders to colour blocking apps either in folders or on the screen, so without further ado..

An experiment in time

WRITTEN February 06, 2018

This week (well maybe next) I am planning on starting a project to track how much time I actually spend on certain areas of work. 

A CRM for One

WRITTEN December 28, 2017

I always like to review what I do and how I do things over the Christmas - New Year break and this year has been all about switching to an iPad first workflow, at least where possible.

My Workflow Thoughts

WRITTEN May 30, 2017

It's Sunday morning and I am writing this on my iPad pro sitting on a train heading into London for a meeting with a client, so I thought this week I would write a little about how the iPad pro has changed the way I work, its pleasures and frustrations in day to day use as a developer/designer.

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